Light Focus

Tarih: 23 – 24 Nisan 2009, Yer: Milan, İtalya


Euroluce fuarı paralellinde gerçekleşecek konferansın konusu:

“Mükemmel aydınlatma tasarımını tanımlayan nedir?”

Programın detayları için burayı tıklayabilirsiniz.

Kongre Merkezi, Libra ve Sagittarius salonlarında 10:00 ile 18:00 saatleri arasında gerçekleşecek konferansın organizasyonu PLDA ve APIL dernekleri tarafından gerçekleştiriliyor.

Concomitantly with the 25th edition of Euroluce, and once again in partnership with the lighting designer associations PLDA and APIL, a full and stimulating programme of parallel initiatives has been organised, devised as a direct homage to light.

The purpose of this conference – Light Focus on Milan – is to bring together lighting designers, invited from all over the world. It will be an opportunity for professional lighting designers to broaden their horizons and for furthering education on the theme of Light and Lighting Design by providing a forum for discussion and the sharing of ideas.

The input of an expert lighting designer is crucial for the inception and realisation of any project involving the creation of an ”excellent lighting design”.

When a professional lighting designer is commissioned to do a job, he or she is satisfied with nothing less than an excellent result. But what defines excellent lighting design? What different approaches and concepts can be applied in order to achieve the desired and requisite quality?

”Light Focus on Milan” will be split into 14 sessions which will cover topics of interest and relevance to all those involved in architectural lighting design and creative spaces that meet users’ requirements and clients’ expectations.

Topics will be: excellent lighting design for human beings, excellent lighting design for sustainable projects, excellent lighting design for specific visual tasks, excellent lighting design for art.

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